J U S T I N   A N D   K I M 

  as told by our bridal party and family



Justin is the most persistent, headstrong, strong-willed, and just plain stubborn person that I have ever had the absolute pleasure of being best friends with. And I don't think that's going to change anytime soon-Devin Busch

When I think of Justin I think of one of the most present friends I have, he is always wanting to listen, talk, and hangout and despite being a busy, productive person, he never gives the impression of being too busy for you. The only thing that has ever got in the way of this is his iPhone- Kyle Shimabuku

Justin is a true friend and the one person I always want around during the good times and bad. His character, faith, and genuine care are what make him such an incredible treasure in my life and in the lives of so many others. I couldn't be more proud to be standing beside him during this beautiful day. -Jordan Frye

Justin can turn jury duty into mtv spring break in a matter of minutes. Besides being my favorite fun haver, I can come to him for anything and the knowledge he reciprocates is genuine and beyond his years. I want him to be in charge of every single intervention I have. I love him more than kim does.-Trevor Boone

Justin is a unique blend of charisma and passion. He uses those things to pursue life in a way that few of us do. I'm lucky to call him friend and I can only imagine what is currently brewing in his heart and mind for this next chapter of his life. I said it in Mogadishu and I'll say it again, "We ride together, we die together."-Deleir Georges

As a patriotic socialite, when Mr. Cowan is not rubbing elbows with the greats like Jeremy Piven and John Brand, he is out for the betterment of the human race in places like Tunisia and Somalia. -Colin Wageman

Justin has been a best friend for a handful of years. He's one of my favorite people to talk to about life and someone I look to for quality friendship and conversation. We would always talk and imagine what this phase of life would look like and it's finally happening! So happy to share this with you brother!- Kevin Broggie 

A story from Justin's Mom...

Justin was in the 6th or 7th grade (I think) he joined the "Young Marines" out at the Port Hueneme Base.  He had to be on the base every Saturday at 6 am fully dressed in uniform and boots and hat.  It was pretty far so it was an early morning.  He was so determined.  I would cook him eggs and toast and off we'd go. I would worry about him all day.  They would march for miles with gear, do exercise drills, learn commands and be yelled at.  It was really hard physically and they had to book study too.  You could work your way up the ranks and be a marine for years. He loved it.  He impressed them so much because he was the youngest, smallest and the most dedicated and could keep up with the teenage boys no matter how hard. When they had classroom time Justin always knew the answers and I think it made the other teenage boys mad.  I would drive back out to the base to pick him up and his face would be so red and he was dirty and exhausted, sometimes he would fall asleep in the car.  They fed them at the end of the day and Justin said he ate everything but on the way home I would stop at the closest drive-thru and get him more food and he would eat it all.  But he loved it. They had a ceremony at the end of the year and Justin was promoted and they had some high ranking Marines from the base show up and he said the most wonderful things about Justin and he made a point of meeting my parents and telling them how impressed he was with Justin. Our whole family was there and we were so proud of him.  Just thought you should know a lil something about Justin's character.  (and he's so cute!)

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I have known Kim since I was born, she has been my partner in crime and spiritual rock though life's joys and challenges.  I am so excited to celebrate Kim and Justin, a wonderful man who brings out her strengths and joy! - Megan Choitz

Kimmy is one of the most selfless and life giving people I know. She cares so deeply for people and it makes me want to do the same!! Being her sister is a gift. - Haley Downey

Kimberly radiates warmth, sunshine and happiness, and I feel blessed to consider her a best friend who just happens to be my cousin! -Tiffany Quayle

Kiki is the coolest geek I've ever known! She loves her friends, loves her family and loves Jesus. It's always been the best compliment to be mistaken for her - my sister from another mister! - Kristen Brandon

Kim is beautiful, kind, fun and she loves with every shred of her being...you'd be equally thrilled to have her throw your bachelorette party as babysit your child, knowing she'd be wildly successful at either. - Jessica Swanson

Kim is loyal, steadfast, dependable, serving, strong, hard working, hard playing, generous, easy going, hilarious, creative, honoring, one of the cool kids AND one of the nerds, responsible, goofy, and one of the most beloved things I have in my life... They really need to make a male version of her. - Jess Collins

One sentence?! Well, I hope you like run-ons :) Kimberly Downey embodies the quintessential best friend -- someone who will go out of her way to make you feel celebrated, listen when you need to talk, make you laugh even when you feel like crying, and turn ordinary moments into lasting memories -- a friend who has immeasurably enriched my life. - Kerry Frazee

Everyone needs a friend like Kim Downey.  Whether you are on the floor in a  puddle of tears or just had the best day of your life, Downey is the first person you will want  to call.  She will cry with you, she will laugh with you and when it's time to celebrate, she will throw the party.  Kim lives life full out.  Her fun loving personality draws out the joy in every situation and her laugh can be detected from miles away.  My life has been enriched by hers, so happy to call her a friend.   -Faith Field

One sentence, pft. Kimmy does not judge. She's full of love. She gives...because she genuinely enjoys making her people happy, and not for any other reason. She's silly. She snorts when she laughs. [Oh, that smile]. She's a terrible sleep-over buddy but a great dance partner. She listens. She understands. She is so much cooler then I will EVER be. She's creative, stylish, and the perfect combination of sexy and cute. ;) But most importantly, she's my fuz. Always there when I need her. A piece of me. Joined by blood -- but connected by heart." -Courtney Lively

The past two decades just wouldn't be the same without Miss Downey in them.  Since surviving all girls Catholic school together, I have always been floored by your loyal pursuit and dedication to those you love.  I treasure our laughs, our conversations (phone tag messages included) and the lust for life you throw into everything you do. I've prayed for a man that adores you to come into your life and he has arrived.  Cheers to a lifetime of love with Mr. Justin.  Couldn't be happier to see two amazing people be so lucky to find each other.

-Sarah Petar